Lay-Away Program

Just announced! Until the end of the year, we are offering a lay-away program for a select few homes on our lot. What does this mean? You can lock in your price before the new year and bring your down payment in weekly until you have saved enough!


Call us today to inquire or apply online and put in the comments section “Lay-Away Today”!

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7 Responses to “Lay-Away Program”

  1. Thomas Jerod Washington Says:

    Hi my name is Thomas Jerod Washington. You can call me Jerod. I’m interested in the Lay away plan I want to know what is available for lay away and what does it looks like and how much I need to put down toward the Lay away program for the homes. I’m from Aiken, SC but living in Williamston, SC right now. I already have land in Aiken. Right when I get it off of lay away I will be moving back to Aiken. Please email me all the information you guys need in order for me to go forward with this process. Thanks in advance.

    Jerod Washington.

  2. Thomas Jerod Washington Says:

    My email address is

  3. Yama Washington Says:

    My name is Yama Washington! I’m interested in the Layaway plan. I will like to know how to qualify for the layaway plan and what is available. How much I need to put down and what the time frame of the layaway plan. I’m living in Aiken right now renting a duplex apartment in Brittany Downs. I have my own land in Williston but I don’t want to move back in the country. If u already have a package set up that will be great!!! Please feel free to email me any information to go forward with this process!!!

  4. Earnest Lee Says:

    Mr. Thomas Washington and Ms. Yama Washington. I will have someone send you some information asap!

    Thank you for your interest.

  5. Thomas Jerod Washington Says:

    Hi Mr Earnest Lee I haven’t received any information yet yet on the Lay-Away Program.

  6. A.C. Williams Says:

    Would like to speak with someone @ this program and obtain information on your most affordable modular 3/2 with sq. footage not to exceed 1650 and does not have to have all the upgrades but definetly a modular. We currently have 2 1/2 ac. of land owned with permits for water and sewage current. Would also like to know of forms of financing for not so perfect credit like 592-620 score owning on land with putting your land up if there is a form of financing you have that will fit and we are intrested in making a move netween July or August 2014.

    Thanks in advance look forward to hearing from someone soon.

    Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Williams

  7. Marion and Paul Harley Says:

    We would like to receive information about the Lay-Away Program.We own land in Wagener, SC, and would like to relocate asap. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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